December 2016
Indii Calendar Shoot
December 2016 Indii Swimwear invited a few of our Indii Girls to come along for our Calendar shoot at Big 4 Sunshine, South West Rocks. It was a fun day and Alicia Fox Photography came along to shoot our Beautiful Girls. Hair Rokz Hair Clinic glamed our girl for the shoot. Check out photos below...

2017 MAXIM Australian Swimwear Model of the Year (ASMY) Calendar 02/10/2016
Purchase http://www.asmy.com.au/asmy/page/67/BUY-2016-Calendar- the latest 2017 calendar from Maxim ASMY, Indii Swimwear featuring for the the month of December. The Models look amazing! Thank you MAXIM!
Aboriginal Model Search National Final (Rydges World Square, Sydney) 01/10/16
The National Final of the Aboriginal Model Search took place in Sydney on the 1st October, Indii Swimwear was invited to showcase on the Runway for the event, Indii Swimwear featured board shorts & casual shorts from Walkabout Clothing  www.walkaboutclothing.net.au. The sassy Lady Gargles opened the Indii Swimwear runway show singing Rhianna's 'Shine Bright Like A Diamond' hit. Guest Models from the Aboriginal Model Search were invited to model for Indii Swimwear on the night. We had such a fun night! Check out more from this event at http://www.aboriginalmodelsearch.com.au/.

Juraki Surf Culture 10/09/2016
Indii Swimwear travelled North to Fingal Head on the Tweed Coast to setup a stall for the Juraki Surf Festival, we had such an amazing time watching our talented Indigenous surfers competing over the weekend. Thank you Juraki for inviting us to this awesome event. Website: http://www.jurakisurf.com/
Check out the vimeo below by Panamuna Project.

Indii Swimwear Casting 16/07/2016
Indii Swimwear had an exciting day casting for our future swimwear models at the Sea Acres Rainforest Sanctuary.
We invited 10 Aboriginal Model Search girls from Taree, Foster, Port Macquarie & Kempsey to join us for the day.
During the day we engaged in positive goal setting activities and tips on how to model swimwear. Alicia Fox Photography joined us on the day to shoot our Beautiful Models. Website: http://www.aliciafoxphotography.com/
Wandiyali and INDII collaborate 20/2/2016

We’ve been beyond busy behind the scenes at INDII over the last few weeks. We packed our INDII swimwear pieces yet again, brushed the South West Rocks sand from our feet and headed down to Newcastle, home of the Wandiyali ATSI Inc.

I know it’s tricky to pronounce—break it down Wand-ey-ali

Wandiyali is an organisation that was established in 1997 to work with Koori youth. In 2000 The Hunter Koori Youth Services began working with 14 to 25 year olds that were homeless or at risk of homelessness. Since then the range of programs offered has grown to include Brighter Futures, - Children's Services, mentoring services, housing, disability support, a child care centre and more.

Here is the more part… The Wandiyali Indigenous Classic is a surf competition; a cultural event that celebrates Indigenous people and their relationship with the ocean. The Wandiyali Indigenous surf classic kicks off the annual Surfest held at Merewether Beach.

We landed our feet back in the sand and set up our INDII stall, with our iconic pineapple and tribal prints. We predominately think we are here to promote INDII, but it’s all about the people to us, really.

Russell Molony took out number one, Newcastle Indigenous Classic trophy, after winning the 2016 Wandiyali ATSI Indigenous Classic – Australia’s richest surfing competition for Indigenous surfers.

Molony said he loved this event and loved the camaraderie it provided.
(We couldn’t agree more)
“I just want to pass on how healthy surfing is. It’s just an amazing pastime and the more kids we can get into it the better it is for our communities and Aboriginal people.”

Yep, we second that too!

INDII Swimwear was invited down to promote their pieces by INDII Founder, Nancy Pattison's Aunty Anne, at Wandiyali. We are part of a community that is all about the connection between, people, the ocean and what we love to do best; design swimwear rich in culture for everybody to embrace their inner beauty.

And, when Holly & Ellie Coffey both visited the INDII tent to purchase their favourite Indii swimwear—we soon knew we were designing pieces that everybody (including us) love.

Holly Coffey posted a stunning photo wearing the one-piece INDII pineapple piece, it was inundated with over 8000 likes and comments galore.
“That's actually the prettiest suit I've seen you wear on here!”
“A beautiful proportion that shape. Beautifully finished and perfect cutting ... ;))”

We gave it our absolute best as we always do and decided to donate some pieces of the INDII swimwear collection too!

We covered the Wandiyali Raffle, which the prize was a Wandiyali surfboard and an Indii swimwear bikini.
And also provided swimwear prizes to the four Indigenous girls finalist.

Wandiyali are also organizing for INDII swimwear to be involved with next year’s inaugural Miss Wandiyali Indigenous Surfest.  We can’t wait…

What an amazing day watching our Indigenous competitors surfing, and embracing the ocean.

Wandiyali ATSI CEO Steve Kilroy said the 2017 Wandiyali Indigenous Classic will be as big as ever.

“It’s just such a positive event and we are all so proud of everyone involved. We aren’t going anywhere. See you all next year,” he said.

It sure will be bigger next year and we promise to give the Novocastrian’s the heads up when we are on our way and look forward to another brilliant event with everyone again.

Be Indii. Be You.
Surfest 2016
Wandiyali Finalist
Surfest 2016
Holly Coffey visiting the Indii Tent at Surfest
Surfest 2016
Wandiyali Model Talana Kilroy
wearing Indii Swimwear

From Beachside to Sydney’s Urban Catwalks

INDII swimwear recently showcased their iconic pieces of swimwear, walking the catwalk, and weaving distinguishable prints fusing fashion with the oceans elements. We packed our sun-drenched pieces, washed the sand from our hair, and set a blazing trail to Sydney’s edgy warehouse space in Redfern, where we collaborated with all peeps creative. 

It’s all about collaboration and connection between Indii and our tribe (that’s you…) with a combination of music, our Indii catwalk Models, photo shoots, and networking—we gave a whole lot more than your average exposé event, we gave it our ALL.
Sharing the stage with six other designers, we showcased six pieces of the Indii swimwear collection.

From the moment fashionistas crowded into the abandoned warehouse, there was a different feel. As the music started, designers’ pieces strutted onto the stage. The new Indii swimwear label quickly made its appearance in a series of palm and tribal prints and the loved Indii signature pineapple splashed its way in to the clapping hands of the audience. Our Indii models graced the catwalk sending style and beauty out in the latest pieces—the energy was priceless!

The fashion industry is a creative industry and as such, Indii’s vision is to always deliver fresh and insightful ideas through our collections. After every fashion show, riding high on the thrill, Founder, Nancy says, “This is why I became a Swimwear designer.” Nancy is inspired from a rich culture and a go-getter within the industry. Her vision is to create a label empowering women throughout the world and her Salt Sista community (coming soon). From the sandy beaches on the Mid North Coast of Australia to the catwalks in Sydney and beyond, Indii is answering the call as a swimwear fashion label ready to make a difference.  

People are excited about the Indii brand. We thank Creatives Uncovered for allowing Indii to sprinkle the magic of our designs into the world and celebrate the free-spirited boho chic on the catwalk.

Designer swimwear is no longer beyond your reach, with Indii swimwear collection, every girl can own a stunning piece that has the cut and style to grace any catwalk or boho beach. Our fresh designs, blending of colours and patterns makes every piece a stand out in any crowd—and we loved the Sydney crowd’s reaction!
Check out our online store – you may even discover you want to purchase one of each of these styles.

Love Indii xxx
Newa Kiran Photography
Indii Palm Bikini
Newa Kiran Photography
Pineapple Palm Bikini
Bijens Photography
The Search Has Begun—INDII Swimwear answers the CALL 29/1/2016

Australia has a rich fashion history weaving the beach and ocean elements with cultural mythologies that have been influencing styles all over the world for years.
And yet, while touring Australia in 2000, Naomi Campbell questioned why there weren't any Aboriginal women on the catwalk. 

INDII, is answering the CALL to these questions within the fashion industry we hear today—founder, Nancy Pattison is a changemaker within in the fashion world, and – a sponsor for Aboriginal Model Search.
The competition aims to increase the amount of Indigenous models and designers in the Australian and international fashion industry.

Indigenous Australian models have yet to make a significant impact on the runway but Aboriginal modelling agencies and Indii are changing that cultural fashion landscape.

Indii Captures the Essence of your tribe and stands for expression and beauty. Indii represents the indigenous culture and was born from a rich culture through shared values, determination, and dedication, to make a difference. In a quest to offer unique and beautiful swimwear pieces, the Indii swimwear label is for salty lifestyle—enhancing individuality—for each sun-drenched soul.

Indii’s founder Nancy recently attended an event for the Aboriginal Model Search.
Nancy was invited to be a guest judge for the event, which was an amazing opportunity for her and the Indii brand. The event was held at Club Old Bar, which is in the local Indigenous area of the Biripi Nation. 

At the event, Indii chose three girls for the next casting for Indii Swimwear’s newest range to be released soon. Indii will continue to be one of the sponsors for the Aboriginal Model search, proudly. 
And has been invited to attend the National Finals as a Guest Judge. At Indii swimwear, we will be selecting a few more girls from the Port Macquarie event to cast for Indii swimwear’s Range in July 2016. In collaboration as a sponsor with Aboriginal Model Search we are searching for new or experienced Aboriginal models Australia wide.

Some of the points we’ve taken away from the event:

* We loved that all the contestants had unique qualities  
* We loved the courage and vulnerabilities these amazing model’s had in front of an audience
* We loved seeing the beautiful Biripi boys and girls
* We loved the confidence that shimmered through the contestants at the event
* We hold great admiration and love to the finalist: 
 Kalahni Russell (Seniors)
 Taylor Scanlon (Juniors)
* Our Indii casting selection: 

At Indii we recognize a gap on the catwalks and within the pages of magazines, and, effectively we want to bridge the fashion industry to local communities and bring everyone together, we want culture and diversity, equality and opportunity for all.  And living in today’s media online world, we know this is possible. We believe in making possibilities and in making dreams reality. We make it happen and next month launch out Saltsista’s community.

There are endless opportunities we see with the extensive growth in recent years of the Aboriginal model agencies, providing models for catalogue, fashion, and high fashion opportunities.
Additionally their model database caters for TV and Film, Editorials, Covers, Advertorials, Press and Billboards both nationally & internationally.
Yes… that’s right—Internationally! 

As Australia’s Model Agency delivers a diverse range of models all with Aboriginal Australian heritage, providing those with the platforms into the fashion and beauty industry. We at Indii strongly believe that Aboriginal’s will make a successful career and promote multiculturism.

We are excited to contribute to finding Australia's next top Aboriginal Supermodel to represent our country in the fashion industry and the Indii swimwear label.

Models, are you ready to live your dreams?

Here are some things to know:

* Experience in the industry is not necessary 
* Entry is free
* Contestants will be selected from on-line applications
* The team is a fun and you will be immersed in a supportive environment
* Rehearsals, classes and regional heats and finals will be held in local function centres where families and friends will be able to attend

So, in a wrap while we are busy working on new designs to share with you, we want to see Indigenous girls rise up and love who they are. It’s our mission, and, we invite you to become an integral part of Indii, Australia’s modelling industry and to be the salty goddess you are.

Salty, sun-drenched love from Nancy and the team at Indii!

This is your invitation to live with purpose, confidence, and SHINE your SALTY SOUL!
Welcome—Be INDII. Be you. XXXX

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